Organizing Atlanta’s Homes . . . One House At A Time…

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Are you overwhelmed contemplating the clutter you have accumulated around your home???

Don’t panic . . . Ruth, the HOUSEHOLD ORGANIZER will help you sort it all out.

Relaxing… Organized… Peaceful!

Imagine a neatly organized living space where you can relax after a hard day’s work.
Imagine getting rid of the ‘stuff’ you’ve accumulated over the years. . . you know the stuff . . . things you no longer need, have outgrown, or have just gotten tired of.
Imagine having a place for everything and having everything in its place.

Don’t Be Embarrassed!

Everyone has clutter! Some are worse than others. If you think your clutter and stuff is bad, wait until you see Ruth’s album! She has many ‘before and after’ photos of homes just like yours. Do any of the below statements ring true for you?

"Too much paperwork is stacked up . . . everywhere."

"Our clothes are piled high – don’t know what’s dirty or clean."

"We’re moving into smaller housing and have way too much stuff."

"The kid’s rooms are so messy they can never find what they’re looking for."

"I keep buying more kitchen stuff because I can’t locate what I already have."

"Our garage is filled to overflowing – no room for the cars!"

"We can’t walk through the basement because junk is wall-to-wall."

"My home office has so much clutter I can’t concentrate in there."

"When I open closet doors, everything in the closet spills out onto the floor. Then I can’t close the door again."

"Company comes and I have to close doors because the rooms are so messy."

You may need just one visit to get it all sorted out.

Whatever the physical disorganization is in your home – we will get it done! It may be that you’re actually very neat but have small sections of your home that just absorb all the odds and ends that you’ve never found a place for.

You need a professional HOUSEHOLD ORGANIZER!

We all get disorganized at times. Families take our time. Work takes our time. We come home, throw things down at the first surface we see and go do something else. Before we know it, the piles get bigger.

De-clutter office mess with professional household organizerDe-cluttered office space after professional household organizer

Would you hire someone to paint your house? Would you hire someone to cut your grass? Would you hire someone to fix your roof? Of course you would.

Now’s the time to GET ORGANIZED!

"Just remember, little by little it will all get done." Please take an online tour to learn more about me and my services, or simply contact me for specific answers to any additional questions you don’t find mentioned here on the site.

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You were a complete inspiration! Thank you for your guidance and tips in getting organized.

Just having you there to guide the way was inspiration and gave me hope that it was possible to get that garage clean enough to pull my car into it finally after 2 years. Your tip of not bending over I believe was a life saver as we worked very hard for 4 hours and I can't believe what we accomplished.

You were so kind but firm with whether something was really needed or not...but you were definitely polite if I decided to keep something. The idea of putting the things inside the house that I was going to be kept was great. It made me nervous but once you left I immediately put all the things inside where they should be in the house. I even already mailed those tennis clothes to my Aunt in Tampa!

You are a true Professional at what you do! All I can say is Thank You so very much for all of your hard work and for teaching me some ways to keep things organized.

I will definitely recommend to you everyone and anyone that is looking for that perfect organizer!!!

Take Care! Your ever thankful client!

Peggy Sue W.

Dear Ruth,

Thank you so much for the unbelievable “masterpiece” you created in my kitchen pantry and laundry room. I feel like I have a new home and I love it! I never knew I had so much wasted space! Your creativity and organization abilities are amazing, not to mention your kind demeanor while dealing with my mess.

I look forward to calling you soon with "our” next project at my home. Thanks again.

Warmest regards,

Lynn L.

Ms. Ruth Phillips

I hope you don’t mind the informal note, but I just wanted to stop, even at this hectic time of year, to tell you how much I appreciate your help in the last month. Your obvious gift of organization is now evident in my home and office. The children’s playroom/office/ pretend schoolroom is now actually a place they can enjoy. It’s amazing to go into my kitchen pantry and actually be able to find the food and ingredients that I need.

It is obvious to me that you possess a special talent (that I don’t) which you have incorporated in to a much needed home service.

Thanks again, and I hope that in the future you will come back to do projects for me and that my MESS has not scared you off!


Katie W.